There is nothing worse than having to deal with excess rubbish, junk, waste or garbage on your property. Whether you are moving house, renovating, transitioning between offices or doing a Spring Clean, it is likely you will produce a considerable amount of waste that will need to be removed quickly.

We understand your need for a fast, cheap and professional rubbish removal service and we have created a comprehensive same day rubbish collection solution to assist you.

All rubbish is hand loaded. No job too big or small!

Residential Waste

Renovation and Construction Waste

  • Tiles, Porcelain, Concrete,
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Material,
  • Wood, Metal, Plasterboard,
  • Roof Tiles, Guttering,
  • Carpet, Blinds, Internal Fittings,
  • Window Frames and Glass

Green Waste

  • Paving, Bricks, Rocks,
  • Trees, Shrubs, Grass, Weeds,
  • Decking Materials, Sheds, Gazebos,
  • Wood, Sand, Soil, Gravel,
  • Tree Removal

Industrial Waste

  • Concrete, Gravel, Sand, Bricks,
  • Metal, Steel, Copper, Aluminium,
  • Wood, Mesh, Plastic, Masonite,
  • Pipes, Wiring and Cables,
  • Small Machinery Parts

Commercial Waste

  • Paper, Cardboard, Packing Material,
  • Desks, Chairs, Notice Boards, Partitions,
  • Computers, Faxes, Phones, Photocopiers,
  • Filing Cabinets, Shelving,
  • Office Strip-Outs,
  • Warehouse Factory Clean-Outs,

Our Services

Heaps Cheap Rubbish Removal offers a wide range of services and expert advice:

  • All rubbish hand loaded!
  • Residential Waste
  • Renovation and Construction Waste
  • Green Waste
  • Industrial and Commercial Waste

Our Mission

Heaps Cheap Rubbish Removal offer a superior and convenient rubbish removal service for all Sydney suburbs. We are committed to recycling for a sustainable future.

Servicing all Sydney suburbs

We service all Sydney suburbs from Balmain to Woollahra. We have Sydney rubbish removal covered!